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Fyre Festival goes up in flames; contract breach lawsuits follow

Concerts and other events can be massive undertakings. From securing a venue and paying acts, to hiring staff and ensuring attendees have the desired experience, there is a lot that goes into these events. There is also a lot at stake, including reputations and money.

What should I include in a non-disclosure agreement?

The sharing of sensitive information can be a necessary task for many business owners in Houston. To this end, having a reliable non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place is essential for keeping the flow of your business moving without jeopardizing future success. But what must go into an agreement to ensure it offers the right level of protection?

The difference between consequential vs. direct damages

When it comes to breaches of contract, Houston businesses can pursue a range of damages. However, there tends to be some confusion surrounding consequential and direct damages, both of which can be a very real concern for a commercial enterprise. Here at The Jackson Law Firm, we strive to provide clients essential information in a clear and concise manner. That includes the ins and outs of consequential vs. direct damages as they pertain contractual breaches.

Top considerations when creating an employment agreement

Great employees allow a business to maintain success. Accordingly, it’s vital for Houston business owners to create comprehensive employment agreements to ensure they can retain their best and brightest for the duration. Here at The Jackson Law Firm, our legal team’s background in contract law allows us to counsel business owners on what makes a solid employment agreement.

Tips on devising a solid non-compete agreement

Houston employers know that non-compete agreements are a crucial aspect of ongoing business success. While it’s natural for employees to eventually move on from an enterprise, lacking the proper legal protections can result in valuable information falling into the hands of direct competitors. Here at The Jackson Law Firm, we’ve seen the fall out that can result when a non-compete agreement is not present or deemed unenforceable. That’s why we urge business owners to take a cautious approach when creating these essential contracts.

What must be included in a consulting contract

For many Houston consultants, starting their own firm can be a thrilling and potentially lucrative undertaking. To this end, developing a solid consulting contract is a must to ensure clients are well-aware of the terms of an agreement. Here at The Jackson Law Firm, we’ve seen the fallout that can arise from inadequately structured consulting contracts. That’s why we recommend a thoughtful approach when devising these contracts, which can help protect against future lawsuits.

How can I prevent contract disputes from occurring?

As a Houston business owner, you know that contracts are at the center of many vital processes. Accordingly, contract disputes can be highly damaging to your current and future business endeavors, and may even result in exorbitant fees to cover legal needs. Fortunately, there are methods you can utilize to ensure the contracts you devise remain legally sound.

When breach of contract leads to financial loss

After signing a contract for services with any type of company, a person in Houston should be able to count on that business to fulfill the terms of the contract. Failure to do so results in a breach of contract, and the person who is wronged may be able to file litigation and win if he or she can prove that the contract and the damages are valid, and that there was a failure to perform the services as promised.

Are your employment contracts enforceable?

Since employment contracts in Houston are legal documents, you want to make sure that the one you are drafting does not actually break the law. According to the Houston Chronicle, contract law defines whether the terms of the contract are enforceable. It includes both federal and state laws and how they apply to the agreements in your contract.

Lack of documentation may make litigation difficult

Purchasing commercial real estate in Houston has the potential to be a complex process due to the legal formalities that must be observed. This can be made more complicated when a third party is involved, so ensuring that everyone is in agreement and that all aspects of the transaction are in writing is essential.

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