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Houston Temporary Restraining Order Lawyer

The Jackson Law Firm frequently applies for – and obtains – temporary restraining orders (TRO) for its clients. A temporary restraining order is a court order prohibiting an opposing party from taking immediate action that is adverse to the client’s rights. Because temporary restraining orders are issued on an emergency basis, occasionally without even providing notice to the opposing party, a temporary restraining order expires after 14 days. Prior to it expiring, a hearing is held to determine whether there is a legal basis for transforming the TRO into a temporary injunction, which will last until the underlying dispute is resolved or there is a trial.

The Jackson Law Firm has represented individuals and businesses at hundreds of temporary restraining order and injunction hearings. Whether you are seeking or opposing the entry of a TRO or injunction, The Jackson Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to effectively represent you in these unique, sometimes complicated proceedings.

By their nature, temporary restraining orders are often needed immediately, sometimes within hours. The Jackson Law Firm’s lawyers are available on extremely short notice to represent our clients in obtaining, or defending against, TROs and injunctions.

If you are in need of, or are named in, an application for temporary restraining order or injunction, contact The Jackson Law Firm immediately to ensure that your rights are protected.

Temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions are frequently sought when a former employee violates a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement or some other provision in an employment agreement. Attorneys of The Jackson Law Firm represent clients at TRO and injunction hearings based on the violation of non-compete agreements, breach of contract and various other legal disputes.

Contact The Jackson Law Firm by telephone or email to discuss your need to obtain or defend against a temporary restraining order or temporary injunction (known as a "preliminary injunction" in other jurisdictions). Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

The experienced and accomplished business and commercial law attorneys of The Jackson Law Firm are skilled at resolving legal conflicts through settlement negotiations, mediations, arbitration and trial. Contact the law firm by phone at 713.574.5181 or e-mail to schedule a consultation.

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