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December 2012 Archives

Vulnerable clients often the targets of consumer fraud

In an example that shows how consumers with language and cultural barriers can easily become victims of fraud, human rights groups and attorneys claim that Navajos are often the targets of deceptive trade practices with car dealerships. Navajos, many of whom speak English as a second language or not at all, are at risk of being tricked into signing contracts they don't understand.

Houston's commercial real estate market continues to grow

Houston is experiencing a boom in the real estate market, with the cluster of companies in the Energy Corridor as the focus of rapid growth and new jobs. Along with the energy sector, the city's largely centralized medical center and the Port of Houston are driving forces for the region's bustling economy. Experts say that now is a prime time for commercial real estate financing.

University of Texas study shows complications of telecommuting

With today's technology making it possible to work from home, telecommuting is becoming a popular option with those in the workforce who are tired of commuting and putting in hours at the office. However, a new study by the University of Texas in Austin shows that for many telecommuters, there are unexpected challenges that come with this type of work arrangement. To avoid Fair Labor Standard Act claims, employers should take into account the employment contracts of their telecommuting workers -- and any extra hours they may be putting in by working at home.

Wal-Mart Black Friday protests fizzles

Black Friday is more than just a great day for shopping- for retailers, it is perhaps the most profitable day of the year. Knowing this, employees at the retail giant Wal-Mart chose this day to stage what they planned to be a nationwide protest against the company's business practices. Among their complaints were issues such as wage and hour complaints, concerns about retaliation and general calls for the support of worker's rights. However, despite heavy media attention leading up to the proposed strike, few workers turned up.

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