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BP alleges breach of contract against claims admin over oil spill

It's possible for a business to become involved in a corporate dispute over damages resulting from an accident the company was held liable for. When a company in Texas is attempting to resolve an issue for which it claims responsibility but other companies are committing fraud by filing false claims, it can cause irreparable damage, and can also weaken the credibility of businesses that have legitimate claims.

Company uses smear campaign against Dropbox at Texas trade show

Business competition helps to drive a healthy marketplace and keeps prices reasonable for consumers. Under most circumstances, it's normal and acceptable for businesses to be competitive with each other. However, companies run into problems and open the door for possible business litigation when one or more competitors engage in unfair competition or tortious interference.

Millions embezzled from Texas bank by former vice president

Some types of businesses are particularly susceptible to being the victims of fraud and embezzlement. When this happens, the company has every right to file charges against the offending person or entity to regain its losses. Even if insurance has taken care of all or a portion of the funds or assets lost, company owners may still wish to pursue business litigation to prevent it happening again, either to them or another company, by the same source.

Macy's CEO sues J.C. Penny over Martha Stewart contract dispute

Can one company claim the exclusive use of a product brand? If there's any question over whether a competing company does not have the right to sell or market the brand that one company has already been supplying, the issue may need to be resolved in court.

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