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July 2013 Archives

64-year-old bookkeeper embezzled more than $425,000 in two years

When employees are entrusted with large sums of money, the temptation to keep some for themselves can often be overwhelming. They are often motivated by debt or greed. Sometimes they even convince themselves that they are entitled to it because they are undervalued as an employee. While most companies focus on employees that they may not trust when they suspect money is going missing, it is usually the trusted employees that have access to financial documents and accounts that are committing the fraud. Embezzlement typically starts small and then increases significantly as the employee becomes more comfortable.

Man unable to prove he was protected by Texas employment rule

Sometimes a former employee will resort to dishonest methods to "get back" at a company for dismissing him or her. We hear of cases all the time about employees suing their former employers for sexual harassment, discrimination, and more. In other cases, the former employee can be found guilty of making up information and documents in an attempt to prove the company was in the wrong.

Jefferson County company files lawsuit against property owners

Many types of business litigation involve contract disputes between a company and the property owners or managers from whom they lease or rent their business space. Depending on the terms of the contract, it can be up to the property owners to take care of issues with the building or space. Costs for maintenance and repairs may or may not fall to the business owner leasing the space, but he or she could be responsible for a regular maintenance fee.

Bat cave near San Antonio raises conservation concerns

With progress and growth, sometimes conservation issues can get in the way of residential and commercial real estate, and real estate litigation can occur as a result. Laws exist to protect wildlife from coming to harm with new construction and people moving into the territory. This can cause a problem for developers, who often are trying to meet the demand for more space with an ever-growing population. Texas is a huge area with lots of land, but more and more people move here every day to take advantage of our state’s many opportunities.

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