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August 2013 Archives

Several lenders defrauded by McKinney classic car dealer

Business transactions in Houston require a great deal of trust between the parties involved. Oftentimes, millions of dollars changes hands in these types of deals. When one of the parties involved in such deals is being dishonest with the other, it could potentially have a hugely negative impact on both sides. The party perpetrating the fraud not only faces possible criminal charges, but they open the door to business litigation between both sides. The company being defrauded could potentially be faced with enormous financial losses.

Houston and Harris County join suit against Visa and MasterCard

Competition amongst businesses is said to be a sign of a healthy marketplace. As such, antitrust laws are in place to help ensure that competition remains healthy. When a company is accused of antitrust violations, the accusers must then prove that the company’s practices have created an air of unfair competition in an attempt to monopolize the market. Often, these sorts of business disputes in Harris County will center on certain restrictive practices that a company employs that don’t allow for other options. If and when other companies recognize this activity, they may file an antitrust claim. 

Southwest sued by Harris County woman for wrongful termination

No one likes losing a job. Most people pride themselves in their careers and in the effort they put into them. Yet oftentimes circumstances interfere with an employee’s job duties. Whatever the reasons for decreased job performance, Houston employers are often placed in the unenviable position of having to balance having understanding for an individual employee’s struggles with the need to have that employee perform his or her job responsibilities. Sometimes the situation may require that the employee be terminated. If and when this happens, the employee may claim that he or she was wrongfully dismissed. 

CBS pulled from Time Warner airwaves as contract dispute drags on

When companies enter into a contract, they agree to look after their partnership the best they can while still keeping an eye on their own best interests. As the terms of the contract expire, it’s hoped that any new demands made by both parties are deemed reasonable so that the contract can continue, especially if it’s been a mutually beneficial relationship that also extends to the respective companies’ customers. If and when contract disputes in Houston do arise, it’s often those customers that are the most affected.

$16 million allegedly stolen from Corsicana bakery by accountant

The success of a business in Houston depends primarily on the performance of its employees. As such, a company is often forced to place a great deal of trust into its employees to ensure that they can perform their job duties unencumbered by oversight. All too often, it’s easy for employees to get away with abusing that trust. If that abuse continues over time, it can end up being extremely costly for the company by the time the employee’s dishonest actions finally come to light.

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