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September 2013 Archives

Lawsuit alleges former executive violated non-compete agreement

There are a number of different employment forms and clauses that are designed to protect companies of all sizes. A clause in a standard contract may be enough to legally prevent an employee from exploiting confidential information such as client lists in some industries. In the technology industry, however, non-compete agreements are necessary to protect trade secrets and prevent former employees from working for a direct competitor or starting their own company in the same industry for a certain period of time.

Bank audit reveals embezzlement, former employee gets prison time

Embezzlement occurs more than business owners would like to think. Even if a company performs a background check on employees and takes other precautions to prevent financial crimes, dishonest employees can still find ways to commit fraud or embezzlement. Sometimes the crimes are committed out of financial despair, other times they are simply crimes of opportunity. Conducting regular audits is a good way to discover dishonest activities in companies of any size.

Breach of contract award of $1.7 million overturned upon appeal

There’s no business like show business! The paychecks are bigger, the players more attractive and the parties more lavish. Yet, contracts are just as important in the entertainment industry as they are in any other industry. Agreements should never be made on a handshake alone; it is imperative to get everything in writing to avoid potential business disputes.

Landowner plans to take real estate dispute to Texas Supreme Court

Eminent domain is the power of the government to take privately owned land—in exchange for compensation at fair market value—for government project such as highways, railroads, parks, etc. In some cases, the land can be taken on behalf of a third-party for economic development. Property taken for the latter reason is often the cause for real estate disputes.

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