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Sexual harassment protection does not extend to unpaid interns

It has been estimated that one in four women are sexually harassed in the workplace. Unwanted advances are usually aimed at women, but men can also be victims of sexual harassment from supervisors or even co-workers. Many employees never report the abuse because they are afraid of retaliation. When harassment is reported, however, it often leads to civil lawsuits that negatively impact the company.

Company sued for wrongful termination by Harris County resident

When an employee does not agree with the actions taken by an employer, that employee could file a lawsuit claiming that they have been discriminated against in some way. Employment litigation is a common problem that many companies in Houston and Harris County face and often, they are forced to prove that an employee’s claims of sexual harassment or illegal treatment are untrue.

Texas woman sues man for breach of contract in real estate dispute

There are many benefits of partnering with someone else when investing in real estate. You can share the cost of the down payment, upkeep and maintenance, as well as the other responsibilities that go along with a real estate partnership. Each party may also have a different skill set that allows the partnership to flourish in a way that an individual could not. That being said, there are also risks involved with joint ownership of investment properties or commercial real estates; contract disputes being one.

Seek legal help to get information, resolve HOA disputes in Texas

Homeowner associations, non-profit corporations formed by real estate developers, are becoming increasingly more common in Harris County. The purpose of the association is to make it easier for a developer to market, manage and sell homes in a condominium complex or a residential subdivision; but once ownership in the corporation is transferred to the homeowners, it can sometimes be difficult to abide by certain rules and regulations as agreed upon by the board. Failure to do so may lead to the need for real estate litigation.

Texas company sues competitor for unfair competition, other causes

The proliferation of technology has made it increasingly more difficult for firms to protect their trade secrets. Domestic and global competitors alike are often able to reverse-engineer computer codes and other intellectual property in order to develop rival products. This can lead to international business disputes and the need to pursue legal action.

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