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December 2013 Archives

$300,000 wrongful termination lawsuit filed against ExxonMobil

Firing an employee is never an easy job. It can be difficult both personally and professionally for everyone involved. There are ways to make the task a little easier professionally, however. Proceed cautiously when you believe that termination is warranted and make sure that everything is documented. The emotions of the employee being terminated will be running high and if he or she decides to pursue legal action citing wrongful termination, documentation can disprove such accusations in a Texas court.

Appeals court upholds previous verdict in $90M contract dispute

Commercial real estate transactions in Houston are some of the most complex. The buyers and sellers involved are often multi-million dollar corporate entities with a lot at stake. Zoning laws, capital sources, budgets, and other conditions must be thoroughly researched and carefully negotiated prior to closing. If one party feels that the other party acted fraudulently during the transaction, this can lead to real estate litigation.

Entities continue business relationship after contract dispute

Many business owners in Houston seek government contracts in an effort to better their business. Government contracts offer stable income, increase the value of your company and make your client portfolio more impressive. Furthermore, there are typically a number of government contracts set aside for small business owners and minority owned businesses. As with any other type of business agreement, however, contract issues may arise with the government that require litigation.

Lawsuit alleges fraud, loss of millions for Texas baseball team

In the business world, contract disputes are much more than just petty arguments over poorly drafted contracts. They are often multi-faceted disagreements that arise over the different interpretation of sound legal documents including franchise agreements, service agreements, development contracts, non-compete agreements and business purchase agreements. Differing opinions over contracts such as these can ultimately lead to the need for contract litigation.

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