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Crane operator sues former employer for sexual harassment

Business owners in Houston have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Safety goes well beyond trip-and-fall hazards and other things that can physically injure a person. It also encompasses things that can emotionally injure a person such as discrimination and sexual harassment. Even if your company provides training programs to prevent such behaviors, you may still find yourself in the midst of employment litigation when representatives of your company do not abide by certain standards.

Employment litigation over Walmart's disciplinary actions

Companies in Houston rely on their employees for success. However, companies are often in a position where they face challenges from unhappy workers. These challenges can come when employees feel that their employment contract has not been fulfilled or when accusations are made against the company concerning discrimination or retaliation. When attempts at a compromise are futile, the company may find itself embroiled in employment litigation.

Protecting trade secrets more important than ever

Cybercrimes are a growing problem in the United States. Hackers aren’t just stealing personal information, however. They are also stealing corporate information including intellectual property and trade secrets. Both the Federal and State government have taken more executive and legislative action during the past year to protect companies from the theft of trade secrets.

New law changes landlord requirements in Texas

There are many benefits to owning rental properties, whether residential or commercial real estate. Landlords have multiple cash streams, which can prevent financial catastrophes. There are also a number of tax deductions that landlords enjoy. At the same time, properties typically appreciate and help to build long-term wealth. For many landlords in the Houston area, the biggest perk of owning rental properties is the fact that they can be their own boss; the flipside of being the boss, however, is that you can be held legally responsible if a tenant pursues legal action over contract or other rental related real estate disputes -even if you have hired a property management company to handle the day-to-day tasks.

International business dispute settled after four years

Lawsuits of any kind are rarely open and shut cases. They require careful consideration, skilled negotiation strategic planning--and can drag on for years. Sometimes the defendant in one case may file a countersuit against the plaintiff. The reasons for filing a countersuit could include the belief that the company was wrongfully sued, to settle other business disputes, or as an attempt to reduce the potential costs of the initial lawsuit.

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