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April 2014 Archives

Texas magazine claims contract interference

Pursuing a new job can be an exciting time as you negotiate salaries and review new perks. However, it is important for people in Houston to understand how contractual obligations may restrict their ability to leave or work for another company. If you have signed something dictating your ability to go elsewhere, you could be found in breach of contract. In other cases, it is possible that a company recruiting you could be sued, as one recent case illustrates.

Survey: More Texas businesses involved in costly litigation

There are many things for which a company should allocate a budget line, such as property expenses, salaries and insurance. For many businesses in Houston, setting aside money for business litigation is also imperative. A lawsuit over business disputes can be costly. Additionally, having the right kind of legal help can help a company protect its assets, including intellectual property. According to recent reports, the price tag of such cases is only getting bigger.

Lawsuit: Texas county government failed to stop sexual harassment

There are many ways an individual can feel threatened in the workplace. When it comes to sexual harassment, a man or a woman may allege a superior or other employee has behaved inappropriately. These cases can become extremely complicated, especially when it comes to clearing a business of any wrongdoing. As one recent lawsuit illustrates, harassment cases are rarely cut-and-dry.

Texas restaurant accused of �Ricky Bobby� trademark infringement

Many business owners smartly take advice from other professionals who have had success in their industry. Instead of recreating the wheel, so to speak, Harris County executives use the same sound business practices as their peers. While this is typically acceptable in a general sense, an individual can run into business disputes if he or she capitalizes on the intellectual property of another organization. A recent lawsuit in Texas illustrates that point.

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