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May 2014 Archives

Proposed Houston ordinance fights employment discrimination

Privately-owned businesses may often operate under a different set of regulations than their public counterparts. In Houston, there are many companies that can exercise their discretions a little more freely than others, including whom they employ. When it comes to employment discrimination, however, there is some debate over what constitutes wrongdoing and what is simply a preference. One local lawmaker is looking to control discrimination policies for both public and private companies.

Alleged gender discrimination at Texas college sparks lawsuit

The passing of Title IX did much to advance women in the workplace and other areas. There are still widespread issues for Texas women and others around the country when it comes to gender equality. There are several things a company can do in order to avoid claims of employment discrimination. Straying from regulations may result in a costly suit, as a recent incident illustrates.

Suit: Company lacked follow-through on contract with Texas man

For many people who develop a product, being picked up by a distributor is a dream come true. Business owners in Texas often contract with larger companies that have the ability to market and sell their products, which can take some of the pressure off the owner. However, both parties must uphold their end of the agreement to avoid contract issues and other legal problems. As one recent lawsuit illustrates, both inventors and companies have a stake in these claims.

Texas-based realtor engaged in two-year business litigation

The free marketplace exists to allow companies to thrive. Many Houston businesses benefit from the ability to grow and expand as they see fit. However, there are some regulations that determine how businesses will run and interact with each other. For example, two companies in the same area often compete for customers, and a misstep can quickly result in a lawsuit claiming unfair competition. It is important to be able to substantiate such claims and avoid wasting time in court.

Texas equal-pay advocates fight for more time to file suits

Despite advances in equality between men and women, there are still some discrepancies. Many women in Texas and throughout the country still face wage and hour disputes, believing they are not paid the same as their male counterparts. A proposed act to extend the deadline for filing lawsuits based on wage discrimination has pitted Texans against each other.

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