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June 2014 Archives

Texas woman may get 30 years for embezzling from bank

Many workers have, from time to time, violated an office policy. It could be as simple as breaking the dress code or failing to punch the clock in a timely fashion. Some Texans, however, commit blatant offenses such as embezzlement that not only carry consequences in the workplace but also have legal repercussions. As one recent incident illustrates, employees may steal from both their employer and the business' customers.

Report: Land sales in Texas nearly doubled in a decade

For many companies, an essential part of conducting business is having the right location for factors such as foot traffic or manufacturing facilities. Business owners in Harris County typically negotiate to find the right commercial real estate to give them a competitive edge. It is important for businesses to take into consideration how the space will benefit the company and how it will affect their bottom line. A booming trend in Central Texas is to purchase small tracts of land.

Gender-based salary inequity argument doesn't stand in court

Equal pay for women can be a hot-button issue for many businesses. It is important for a Houston company to ensure that its practices fall in line with the regulations that set certain standards. At the center of many wage and hour disputes are women who claim that they make less than their male counterparts solely on the basis of gender. As a recent incident illustrates, those claims may not always be substantiated, and it is important to consider all the angles of the situation.

Negligence lawsuit falls flat due to Texas statute of limitations

When it comes to many matters in business, time is often of the essence. Many Houston companies work under tight deadlines and believe in providing service to customers quickly. When it comes to business litigation, working in a timely fashion is also important. Acting with expedience may save an organization money. One recent case demonstrates that when tens of millions of dollars is at stake, timing is everything.

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