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January 2015 Archives

Strong, unique trademarks are better protected from infringement

There are few things that can be as fun, exciting and creative for company executives as creating a business trademark, whether starting a new business or modernizing the look of an established company. Trademarks are arguably the most identifying feature of a business. A strong and unique trademark can help consumers identify a company at a glance, whether it's a locally-known Texas supermarket chain or a nationally-recognized auto brand. 

What is tortious interference?

The definition of a tort, first and foremost, is a civil wrong that has caused unnecessary loss, grief or harm to another party. This creates a legal liability for the tortfeasor, or the person who has committed the tort. This definition applies to common law jurisdictions and can usually result in a lawsuit against the tortfeasor by the person who has suffered damages.

Wage theft is increasing across the country

Several weeks ago, we discussed the passing of a wage theft ordinance in Houston that has inspired other Texas communities in dealing with a problem that has been increasing not only in Texas, but across the entire country. According to the National Employment Law Project, instances in which workers are being denied wages or benefits due by their employers are not as rare as people may think. Wage theft can include the following:

Owner of travel deals website sued for unfair competition

When starting a business that's completely legitimate, business owners may not expect a lawsuit, but sometimes that's exactly what happens. Business litigation can occur any time professionals in another company feel that their rights or interests are being threatened. This appears to be the case for a young New York City entrepreneur, whose online company helped people across the country, including in Texas, find the best deals on airplane tickets.

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