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Business dispute arises between soda companies over use of a word

Many business owners in Texas, and elsewhere, are aware of the importance of logos, color use and branding when it comes to consumer recognition. If a company’s competitor uses similar slogans, logos or colors to market its products, it could confuse customers and take potential business away. Sometimes, business owners will admit their mistake and change the logos or colors. Should companies refuse, however, it could lead to business disputes.

What constitutes wrongful termination in Texas?

As a business owner or operator in Texas, you know that you have to let employees go from time to time. While no worker is generally happy about losing his or her job, there are situations when a terminated employee may claim his or her firing was unjust. In order to help protect yourself from unnecessary litigation, it benefits you to understand what qualifies as wrongful termination in Texas.

Tortious interference of business contracts

If you are a business owner in Houston, Texas, developing professional relationships that result in contracts or sales is one of the primary keys to your success. We at the Jackson Law firm are aware that when someone interferes with a contract or an understood agreement that you have worked to establish, the loss of that commerce can be devastating to your bottom line.

What happens when a company copies your trademark?

Developing goods or services that allow you to provide unique offers to consumers is an important part of growing your business in Houston, Texas. To protect these from other businesses and maintain your niche in the marketplace, you can file for a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If another company creates a similar mark or brand that leads customers to believe they are getting your product or service, that company could be guilty of trademark infringement, which is unfair competition and is against the law.

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