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October 2015 Archives

Protecting intellectual property in Texas

The term intellectual property covers a wide range of creations. These may include artistic and literary works; inventions; and images, names and symbols that are used in business dealings. Failing to adequately protect such creations of the mind, however, may cost people in Texas, and elsewhere, the opportunity to capitalize on their work. In fact, the STOPfakes.gov website reports that the sale of counterfeit goods cost companies across the U.S. between $200 billion and $250 billion each year. In order to avoid such losses, and potential business disputes, it is important for business owners to understand how to protect their intellectual property.

What are non-compete clauses and when should you use them?

Businesses in Houston, and throughout Texas, often include non-compete clauses in their employment contracts, or ask their employees to sign stand-alone covenants not to compete. While these types of contracts can be useful, they are not appropriate for every situation. At The Jackson Law Firm, people frequently ask us about the pros and cons of non-compete agreements. In this post, we will discuss what these contracts are, and when you should use them.

What allowances do Texas employers have to make for new mothers?

As an employer in the state of Texas, you are likely aware that there is the potential for your female employees to become pregnant. State and federal laws that offer other employee protections also stipulate some of your responsibilities with regards to expecting, and new, mothers. In order to avoid potential employment litigation, it is important for you to understand the minimum allowances that you must make for new parents.

Is Houston really free of zoning laws?

If you are a commercial real estate developer in Houston, Texas, you may find that the city provides many unique business opportunities. One thing you may find appealing is the city’s lack of zoning laws. However, according to the Houston Chronicle, the lack of specific zoning laws may not lead to the freedom that you might expect.

What damages are recoverable for breach of contract in Texas?

In the course of your business, you, and other business owners throughout Texas, likely enter into all types of contracts. These may be with workers, equipment or service providers, customers and others. Should a business or person you are working with breach a contract you have entered into together, you may consider taking legal action. For obvious reasons, however, you may not want to resume doing business with a person or business following this type of violation. Aside from having them satisfy their contractual obligations, there are other types of remedies that you may pursue, including monetary damages.

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