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An overview of wage and hour laws in Texas

Wage and hour laws are in place at the state and federal levels. These regulations govern how many hours that people in Texas, and elsewhere, are permitted to work and the amount they are compensated for their time. By fully understanding these laws, employers can stay in compliance and avoid possible civil litigation or criminal penalties.

What elements should you include in a shareholder agreement?

As we have previously discussed, shareholders are the people who own a business. Companies in Texas, and elsewhere, may have one shareholder or multiple. At The Jackson Law Firm, we know that disputes may arise when there is more than one shareholder, which may affect your business’ operations. In this post, we will discuss shareholder agreements.

VirnetX awarded damages in infringement lawsuit against Apple

When one business in Texas, or elsewhere, violates another’s rights, patents or contracts, it may be considered infringement. This may lead to lost revenue, which may have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Consequently, this issue is at the heart of many business disputes. Often, businesses will take legal action in order to obtain compensatory damages.

How can you avoid shareholder disputes?

Whether it is a small one-person operation or a large public corporation, the people who own a business are known as the shareholders. The Houston Chronicle points out that shareholders are both directly and indirectly involved in their company’s operations. Consequently, shareholder disputes may disrupt not only how a business functions, but also its bottom line. However, there are things that you may do to help avoid shareholder disputes.

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