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March 2016 Archives

Copyright infringement and your rights

As a business owner in Houston, Texas, you may own one or more creative works such as original documents, computer programs, recordings or other tangible intellectual property that are essential to your company’s bottom line. You should have exclusive rights to these, including the sole authority to copy, distribute, perform, display or otherwise use them. In fact, if the work is protected by copyright law, this is exactly the case. We at The Jackson Law Firm have provided advice to many who are unsure of their legal rights regarding their copyrighted works.

Avoiding implied contracts in the employee manual

Laws in Houston, Texas, typically support employers in setting the guidelines for employment relationships for the good of the company. This includes an at-will employment doctrine stating that the employment could end without a reason. The Texas Municipal League explains this law allows an employer to dismiss an employee whenever he or she believes it is necessary, unless it is a case involving discrimination against a protected class or retaliation. However, there are a few exceptions to the law, and one of these could be located in the company’s own policies and procedures.

Making the right choices for your fledgling company

The founding of your business in Houston, Texas, provides dozens of choices that determine its future. Analyzing each one to determine if it meets your goals for your company is a time-consuming undertaking. At The Jackson Law Firm, we regularly answer the legal questions of entrepreneurs as they set out into the business world.

Avoid misclassification of contractors and employees

Most businesses in Houston, Texas, need to hire people to perform essential functions for the company. In some cases, the roles may be filled by either employees or independent contractors. Even though the employer has a certain amount of leeway in deciding which to choose, the Houston Chronicle points out that the federal government is attempting to create more limitations on when a worker can be classified as a contractor.

What’s ahead for Houston’s commercial real estate market?

If you are involved in commercial real estate in Houston, Texas, you may be watching the market closely to see how 2016 will compare to last year. After all, many realtors, developers, contractors, property managers and others have businesses at stake. The Houston Business Journal reports that commercial real estate will be booming for some, but whether or not you reap the benefits depends on several factors.

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