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May 2016 Archives

The new federal overtime law

Cost of living in Texas and around the country is always a hot political topic in the media, particularly in regards to the federal minimum wage and overtime laws and how they affect both employers and workers. While it is probably true that most companies want to be fair to their employees, they must also consider how the rate of pay will affect the business’s ability to remain profitable. However, the federal government is making changes in federal employment laws, and employers will soon need to adapt accordingly.

What happens to a former employee’s unclaimed paycheck?

Regardless of how an employee parts ways with your company in Texas, it is typical for the last paycheck to be issued a few days or even one or two weeks later. You must pay for all the hours that the employee worked to stay within the bounds of the law. However, if there is no direct deposit set up, and the employee does not come to get the check, you may be wondering whether you must hold it indefinitely.

Benefits of an arbitration clause in an employment contract

Litigation against your business in Texas may lead to damaging media attention, even when an employee’s complaint is proven to be invalid in court. By drafting employment contracts with very specific terms, you may be able to prevent opportunities for employees or former employees to file unwarranted lawsuits against your company. At the Jackson Law Firm, we often assist companies in creating employment contracts with provisions that are perceived as beneficial to workers while protecting employers’ interests.

Avoiding age discrimination litigation

There are many reasons that an employer in Texas may decide to end an employment relationship with a worker, and it is often a difficult decision, no matter how necessary. Disappointment or anger over the loss of a job may lead an employee who is 40 years old or older to believe that the action is a result of age discrimination rather than his or her own failure. Understanding federal and state antidiscrimination laws that deal with age can help an employer to eliminate the appearance of wrongful termination and prevent the negative consequences of litigation.

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