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Employee rights and internet use in the workplace

For most companies in Houston, some level of computer interaction is inevitable, and for many of these, large amounts of the business are conducted online. Employees often have personal online accounts such as email and social media, and they may be tempted to access these while on the clock and using the company’s business computers. According to the Houston Chronicle, whether or not they may be held accountable for these may be a legal issue that has the potential to end imployment litigation.

Preventing employee fraud

Improving the company’s bottom line is naturally one of the primary goals of any business owner in Houston. While this includes building profits, companies also need to protect them from theft. According to the Small Business Administration, employees may be contributing to losses, and there are ways employers may be able to prevent this prevalent source of fraud.

Dissolving your business partnership in Houston

Starting a company with a partner in Houston takes a leap of faith, along with plenty of trust in your co-owner. The paperwork that you filed together was essential for starting the business, and ending it can be just as complex. We at the Jackson Law Firm have worked with many business owners to navigate the process of business dissolution in Texas.

Are there environmental hazards on the property you want to buy?

Before signing the contract to purchase commercial real estate in Texas, the person who is selling the property to you must provide you with specific information. According to the Dallas Bar Association, this includes facts that are directly related to any environmental issues that may be relevant to the property.

Lack of documentation may make litigation difficult

Purchasing commercial real estate in Houston has the potential to be a complex process due to the legal formalities that must be observed. This can be made more complicated when a third party is involved, so ensuring that everyone is in agreement and that all aspects of the transaction are in writing is essential.

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