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July 2016 Archives

What are some examples of illegal sexual harassment?

If you run a business or are responsible for managing employees, you likely have a number of concerns and stressful matters to deal with. However, it is vital to understand what constitutes unlawful sexual harassment and identify the appropriate course of action if you notice this illegal activity or an employee claims that they experienced sexual harassment. In Houston, and across the entire state of Texas, allegations of sexual harassment can be very damaging for businesses both large and small.

Enforcing employee dress codes

In many companies in Houston, employers may believe that it is important to “look professional” while conducting business. However, that phrase has different meanings to different people, so it has the potential to be a factor in employee dissatisfaction and even litigation if an issue arises. According to the Houston Chronicle, employers are able to set limits on the way that workers dress, but there are exceptions that federal employment law has acknowledged, and which must be honored.

Are you responsible for your customers’ cyber security?

Maintaining customer records is often done online in today’s business world, and as a company owner in Houston, you may wonder what your responsibilities are regarding your possession of sensitive data. Protecting your clients from a data breach is good business, and the negative publicity from a compromised system may be a costly financial incident. However, the success of business litigation against your company may depend on what precautions you have taken.

Are your employment contracts enforceable?

Since employment contracts in Houston are legal documents, you want to make sure that the one you are drafting does not actually break the law. According to the Houston Chronicle, contract law defines whether the terms of the contract are enforceable. It includes both federal and state laws and how they apply to the agreements in your contract.

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