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Unfair competition and the law

Competition is supposed to be good for the marketplace and the consumer, as well as for Texas business owners. When a company engages in unfair competition, though, it often harms other businesses, and the economy, as well. To discourage this activity, federal and state laws address many types of unfair trade practices.

Types of commercial real estate leases

When looking for a location, a business owner in Texas may see a variety of commercial real estate leases for different properties. The differences between these have the potential to cause extreme financial hardship or to benefit the company in the long-term. Choosing the type that will best suit the business is typically not a decision that should be made before reviewing the properties available.

Protecting your company from embezzlement

The assets of your company in Houston, Texas, depend on internal as well as external factors if you have employees who participate in accounting, investments, allocation of funds or other financial duties. It may be necessary for you to place a high level of trust in those who work for you. However, at The Jackson Law Firm, we often assist business owners who want to prevent the potential for employee theft by providing tactics for inhibiting embezzlement in a company.

Can performance evaluations reduce employer liability?

There are many federal and state laws that govern employment in Houston, and ensuring that your company is in compliance requires attention to detail. One tactic that may be useful in avoiding employment litigation is the use of performance evaluations. However, according to the Houston Chronicle, these must meet certain criteria to be effective in preventing lawsuits and improving productivity in the workplace.

Employee contracts and the SEC

When drafting confidentiality agreements and other documents for an employee contract, employers must be careful to ensure that the language is legally sound and does not violate federal or state law. The Securities and Exchange Commission warns that this must include avoiding any clauses or phrases that would cause employees to decide not to report potential violations to the SEC out of concern over possible retaliatory actions.

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