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Twitter faces lawsuit related to trademark, breach of contract

Some Twitter users in Texas might be interested to learn that the company is involved in a lawsuit with another company called TWiT, which stands for This Week in Tech. Evan Williams, one of Twitter's co-founders, had allegedly acknowledged to Leo Laporte at TWiT that the trademarks were similar and that there had already been some confusion. However, he had assured Laporte that they intended to remain a microblogging service and not move into the area of audio and video claimed by TWiT. TWiT says they reached a satisfactory agreement based on the fact that their distribution platforms were very different.

Texas company loses appeal in wrongful termination case

A Texas-based company has lost an appeal involving an arbitration award. The man who received the award sold his business to the other company and was then subsequently terminated. An appeals court upheld a lower court's ruling in the case although the man was denied a motion for filed sanctions. The transaction between the two businesses involved two contracts, an interest purchase agreement and an employment agreement.

Mel Gibson's contract issues involving a film's distribution

Contract disputes sometimes become contentious, even to the point where multiple lawsuits are involved. This is the situation with a movie involving Mel Gibson. The actor-director and his producing partner are being sued by the movie's distributor. The move comes in response to a lawsuit Gibson filed against the company alleging that the distributor failed to honor a co-production deal.

Game developer sued for breach of contract

Gaming enthusiasts in Texas might be interested in learning about a lawsuit CryEngine developer, Crytek GmbH ("Crytek"), filed against Cloud Imperium Games Corporation and Roberts Space Industries Corporation (collectively, "CIG"). CIG entered into a licensing agreement with Crytek to use its CryEngine platform for a new game called "Star Citizen," but later switched to a different engine.

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