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The benefits of an enforceable contract

A contract can be one of the most important tools a freelance professional or small business owner in Texas has at his or her disposal. When written properly, contracts form the foundation of the relationship between a business and a client. They can also provide clarity and eliminate a variety of problems that could potentially arise before they have a chance to come up. By creating certainty, a company can spend its time delivering a quality product or service.

Coffee company punished for copyright infringement

Texas residents may be interested to learn that a large coffee company has been slapped with a multi-million dollar bill for infringing on the trademarks of reggae musician Bob Marley. In a ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the judgement by a lower court to award damages was affirmed. The coffee company was originally sued for illegally modifying the royalty agreement paid to the owners of Marley's copyrighted work.

Movie star caught up in contract dispute over jewelry

Contract disputes can be an ongoing fact of life for many Texas businesses, but they can also embroil major celebrities. Movie star Sarah Jessica Parker is engaged in an ongoing legal dispute with a jewelry company that is accusing her of breaking an agreement to endorse the company's products. Kate Florence Design has also accused the actress of refusing to return jewelry provided under the contract.

Transit authority faces lawsuit from contractor

Some people in Texas who work in construction or development may be familiar with contract disputes over buildings. In California, such a dispute has gone to court as the contractor that built the Salesforce Transit Center and Transbay Transit Center, Webcor/Obayashi Joint Venture, filed a lawsuit in the San Francisco Superior Court on Oct. 17 for $150 million against the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

Texas city to pay $15 million in hurricane housing dispute

The city of Galveston, Texas, has been ordered to pay a housing contractor $15 million due to breach of contract. The suing party was a company overseeing some of the federally insured recovery efforts in the area after the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike in 2008. The decision to award judgement to the contractor was made by a jury on Sept. 25.

Contracts can control costs in construction projects

It is often possible to mitigate risk in the future with careful contract drafting. Clearly-defined agreements, fairness and good communication help parties avoid Texas construction contract disputes. Among the ways contracts can be used to mitigate future risk are by clarifying unallowable labor, defining change order reporting, setting rates and caps on equipment and including bidding procedures.

Playboy files a lawsuit against cryptocurrency company

Texas residents may be interested in learning that Playboy has filed a lawsuit against Global Blockchain Technologies, a Canadian cryptocurrency company, for allegedly breaching on a contract. The lawsuit was filed earlier in August in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Resolving construction disputes with technological evidence

BIM, or building information modeling, can be an important part of the construction process for builders in Texas. It can also be an important part of dispute resolution after a project has been completed. Contract disputes in the construction industry concern an average value of $21 million each, and these disputes take an average of 14 months to resolve. For active businesses, these costly and lengthy disputes can be important but also divert attention from central concerns, so minimizing the cost and duration of a construction dispute can be a key goal.

Cardi B files countersuit for breach of contract

Music fans in Texas may be interested to learn that Klenord Raphael, the manager/producer also known as Shaft, has filed a lawsuit against artist Cardi B. The suit alleges that he has not been properly compensated for his role in her ascension as a rap artist. In the documents filed, Raphael claims that he played a major role in 'conceiving, arranging and orchestrating" her successful career.

Beer companies battle over brewing contract

Two beer companies that produce some of the most popular brews in Texas and around the country are engaged in an ongoing legal battle. MillerCoors and Pabst Brewing are headed toward a November trial on a contract dispute involving the brewing agreement between the companies. Under a contract that has been in place for decades, MillerCoors brews all of Pabst's beers, including its most popular name, Pabst Blue Ribbon. This agreement is scheduled to come to an end in 2020, and it includes two renewal options. However, MillerCoors has cast doubt on the continuation of the agreement, noting that it may not have the ability to keep up the relationship.

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