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Former CFO convicted of embezzling from employer

When it comes to high-ranking employees in a business, there must be some measure of trust. Many of these people have access to money and significant assets, and there is little to stop them from abusing this trust. Most Houston executives in positions of authority perform their jobs with high ethics; unfortunately, there are others who can’t resist the temptation of making some easy money in the form of embezzlement.

$16 million allegedly stolen from Corsicana bakery by accountant

The success of a business in Houston depends primarily on the performance of its employees. As such, a company is often forced to place a great deal of trust into its employees to ensure that they can perform their job duties unencumbered by oversight. All too often, it’s easy for employees to get away with abusing that trust. If that abuse continues over time, it can end up being extremely costly for the company by the time the employee’s dishonest actions finally come to light.

Millions embezzled from Texas bank by former vice president

Some types of businesses are particularly susceptible to being the victims of fraud and embezzlement. When this happens, the company has every right to file charges against the offending person or entity to regain its losses. Even if insurance has taken care of all or a portion of the funds or assets lost, company owners may still wish to pursue business litigation to prevent it happening again, either to them or another company, by the same source.

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