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Report: Land sales in Texas nearly doubled in a decade

For many companies, an essential part of conducting business is having the right location for factors such as foot traffic or manufacturing facilities. Business owners in Harris County typically negotiate to find the right commercial real estate to give them a competitive edge. It is important for businesses to take into consideration how the space will benefit the company and how it will affect their bottom line. A booming trend in Central Texas is to purchase small tracts of land.

New law changes landlord requirements in Texas

There are many benefits to owning rental properties, whether residential or commercial real estate. Landlords have multiple cash streams, which can prevent financial catastrophes. There are also a number of tax deductions that landlords enjoy. At the same time, properties typically appreciate and help to build long-term wealth. For many landlords in the Houston area, the biggest perk of owning rental properties is the fact that they can be their own boss; the flipside of being the boss, however, is that you can be held legally responsible if a tenant pursues legal action over contract or other rental related real estate disputes –even if you have hired a property management company to handle the day-to-day tasks.

Appeals court upholds previous verdict in $90M contract dispute

Commercial real estate transactions in Houston are some of the most complex. The buyers and sellers involved are often multi-million dollar corporate entities with a lot at stake. Zoning laws, capital sources, budgets, and other conditions must be thoroughly researched and carefully negotiated prior to closing. If one party feels that the other party acted fraudulently during the transaction, this can lead to real estate litigation.

Booming residential real estate market impacts Houston corporations

With the housing crisis behind most residents of Houston, the real estate market is once again booming. Sales prices are appreciating, demand is increasing and homes are moving quickly. While this is typically considered good news, it can be problematic for some Houston corporations; specifically those with strict relocation policies. It can also lead to the need for real estate litigation for potential buyers.

Bat cave near San Antonio raises conservation concerns

With progress and growth, sometimes conservation issues can get in the way of residential and commercial real estate, and real estate litigation can occur as a result. Laws exist to protect wildlife from coming to harm with new construction and people moving into the territory. This can cause a problem for developers, who often are trying to meet the demand for more space with an ever-growing population. Texas is a huge area with lots of land, but more and more people move here every day to take advantage of our state’s many opportunities.

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