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Kraft Foods opens business litigation against Cracker Barrel

If two separate companies have different products with similar trademarked names, should they be able to sell their products in the same market? Newly-filed business litigation between two well-known food brands has begun that may have an impact in Texas as well as the rest of the country on how similarly-titled branded products are sold in grocery stores.

Houston contractor withdraws from Southampton high-rise project

Growth and change can result in some degree of opposition, especially with new construction in older, more traditional neighborhoods. Real estate disputes that occur from residents or developers can affect how much a local area grows with the rest of the region. More often than not, real estate litigation can tie up a project for years and delay the introduction of new business, employment, and housing to the area.

Vacant Texas museum property's sale disputed

Texas is being nationally recognized as a leader in growth and development in business and the commercial real estate market. The sale of commercial property can sometimes be a complicated process, particularly when there's a dispute between interested buyers.

Houston company disputes fines for Louisiana sinkhole

A Houston company is challenging fines charged by Louisiana's Office of Conservation over environmental and safety issues stemming from a sinkhole that appeared over five months ago. Two municipal organizations also wish to be reimbursed for the costs of dealing with the sinkhole emergency. Lawyers for the Houston company's business litigation case are working with local officials to agree on the monetary amount they're responsible for.

Houston's commercial real estate market continues to grow

Houston is experiencing a boom in the real estate market, with the cluster of companies in the Energy Corridor as the focus of rapid growth and new jobs. Along with the energy sector, the city's largely centralized medical center and the Port of Houston are driving forces for the region's bustling economy. Experts say that now is a prime time for commercial real estate financing.

How to build business partnerships, and how to end them

In many ways, a business relationship is much like a romantic relationship. In the beginning, both partners are full of enthusiasm for the future, and it seems as though new and exciting possibilities are just around the corner. As partners move forward with their businesses, they rarely give a thought to how their partnership may come to an end.

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