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Tips for preventing sexual harassment in your Texas workplace

Employers in Texas, and throughout the U.S., have a responsibility to protect their employees. This includes ensuring that workplace does not become hostile or uncomfortable as a result of sexual harassment. At The Jackson Law Firm, we understand how allowing sexual harassment to occur unchecked in your workplace can result in decreased productivity, low employee morale and costly employment litigation.

Employer-employee legal troubles in the workplace

Dealing with labor or employment litigation issues can be a troubling endeavor. You may be concerned about worsening your situation at work accidentally. You may even have concerns that you could end up fired if you bring attention to a bad situation. However, there are protective measures that you can take to ensure that you don't have to keep suffering in a poor work situation in silence.

Alleged gender discrimination at Texas college sparks lawsuit

The passing of Title IX did much to advance women in the workplace and other areas. There are still widespread issues for Texas women and others around the country when it comes to gender equality. There are several things a company can do in order to avoid claims of employment discrimination. Straying from regulations may result in a costly suit, as a recent incident illustrates.

Lawsuit: Texas county government failed to stop sexual harassment

There are many ways an individual can feel threatened in the workplace. When it comes to sexual harassment, a man or a woman may allege a superior or other employee has behaved inappropriately. These cases can become extremely complicated, especially when it comes to clearing a business of any wrongdoing. As one recent lawsuit illustrates, harassment cases are rarely cut-and-dry.

Crane operator sues former employer for sexual harassment

Business owners in Houston have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Safety goes well beyond trip-and-fall hazards and other things that can physically injure a person. It also encompasses things that can emotionally injure a person such as discrimination and sexual harassment. Even if your company provides training programs to prevent such behaviors, you may still find yourself in the midst of employment litigation when representatives of your company do not abide by certain standards.

Sexual harassment protection does not extend to unpaid interns

It has been estimated that one in four women are sexually harassed in the workplace. Unwanted advances are usually aimed at women, but men can also be victims of sexual harassment from supervisors or even co-workers. Many employees never report the abuse because they are afraid of retaliation. When harassment is reported, however, it often leads to civil lawsuits that negatively impact the company.

Company sued for wrongful termination by Harris County resident

When an employee does not agree with the actions taken by an employer, that employee could file a lawsuit claiming that they have been discriminated against in some way. Employment litigation is a common problem that many companies in Houston and Harris County face and often, they are forced to prove that an employee’s claims of sexual harassment or illegal treatment are untrue.

Former Starbucks manager sues for sexual harassment

It's always serious when an employee files a sexual harassment suit. Perhaps as often as not, people who feel they have been wrongfully terminated may attempt to get their former employers in trouble by making false allegations of discrimination. For this reason, juries and judges have an important job to discover which side is telling the truth: to either protect the employee who was wronged or the company that is being unfairly accused.

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