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Houston and Harris County join suit against Visa and MasterCard

Competition amongst businesses is said to be a sign of a healthy marketplace. As such, antitrust laws are in place to help ensure that competition remains healthy. When a company is accused of antitrust violations, the accusers must then prove that the company’s practices have created an air of unfair competition in an attempt to monopolize the market. Often, these sorts of business disputes in Harris County will center on certain restrictive practices that a company employs that don’t allow for other options. If and when other companies recognize this activity, they may file an antitrust claim. 

$16 million allegedly stolen from Corsicana bakery by accountant

The success of a business in Houston depends primarily on the performance of its employees. As such, a company is often forced to place a great deal of trust into its employees to ensure that they can perform their job duties unencumbered by oversight. All too often, it’s easy for employees to get away with abusing that trust. If that abuse continues over time, it can end up being extremely costly for the company by the time the employee’s dishonest actions finally come to light.

Texas health care entities in business dispute

Business litigation often extends to companies that formerly did close business together, or were tied together in partnerships that may have originated with the companies being considered a part of one another. Some of these types of business disputes are simply to iron out a contract dispute, but in other cases, one or both companies may wish to part ways in much the same way as a personal divorce.

Group suggests solutions to foreign company trade secret theft

Whether it’s committed by a U.S. entity or a foreign company, intellectual property theft is a serious issue that has led to the loss of millions of American jobs each year, and drains billions from our economy. The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property says the theft of trade secrets must be treated as seriously as terrorism and drug trafficking.

Texas paves way for settlement regarding e-book price fixing

When businesses are able to set competitive prices, it helps to encourage a healthy, open marketplace that gives consumers the chance to get items at a fair price. This also gives competing companies the chance to develop loyal customers and strong business partnerships. If the ability to change prices for fair competition is taken away, it not only isn’t fair for businesses who don’t have the choice, but also for consumers and the industry in general. Also, it opens the path for business litigation from consumers against companies that practice unfair competition.

Former PR vice-president sued over alleged non-compete violation

Some businesses have non-compete clauses in their contracts which employees are required to adhere to for a certain period of time after they’ve stopped working for the company. This is to prevent unfair competition, when a former employee might have an edge by knowing some of his or her previous employer’s business secrets. Additionally, it can hurt the company if a former employee takes some of its clients away after he or she leaves the company and starts up a similar business nearby.

Kraft Foods opens business litigation against Cracker Barrel

If two separate companies have different products with similar trademarked names, should they be able to sell their products in the same market? Newly-filed business litigation between two well-known food brands has begun that may have an impact in Texas as well as the rest of the country on how similarly-titled branded products are sold in grocery stores.

Texas Internet company files lawsuit against patent troll

The digital age has opened countless new opportunities for businesses, but also new possibilities for fraud and for companies to make a profit from dubious business practices. Lawsuits are becoming prevalent in which one company opens a business litigation case against another due to nothing more than patent infringement. Patent assertion entities (PAEs), also known as "patent trolls," are companies that take licensing fees from other businesses, without actually making products from their patents.

BP alleges breach of contract against claims admin over oil spill

It's possible for a business to become involved in a corporate dispute over damages resulting from an accident the company was held liable for. When a company in Texas is attempting to resolve an issue for which it claims responsibility but other companies are committing fraud by filing false claims, it can cause irreparable damage, and can also weaken the credibility of businesses that have legitimate claims.

Company uses smear campaign against Dropbox at Texas trade show

Business competition helps to drive a healthy marketplace and keeps prices reasonable for consumers. Under most circumstances, it's normal and acceptable for businesses to be competitive with each other. However, companies run into problems and open the door for possible business litigation when one or more competitors engage in unfair competition or tortious interference.

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