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Houston Attorney For Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

Representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in Shareholder Disputes and Business Dissolution

The Jackson Law Firm represents partners and shareholders as plaintiffs and defendants, in partnership and shareholder disputes, including minority shareholder oppression claims throughout Texas.

While many partnership or shareholder disputes can be resolved through good-faith negotiations or mediation, some conflicts are at such an impasse that resolution is impossible without arbitration or litigation. Our lawyers are experienced advocates, ready to promptly switch from good faith negotiations to aggressive litigation.

Business Dissolutions

Business dissolution is sometimes termed a "business divorce" due to the comprehensive entanglements that must be unraveled to legally separate business partners. And, unfortunately, business dissolutions are often very personal and emotional.

As in the case of a marriage, business partners do not go into business planning to fail or divorce, but poor communication, vague or unrealistic expectations, and differences in values frequently cause irreparable damage to these business relationships.

Partners often fail to anticipate and appreciate each other's contribution to the business. Over time, business partners or shareholders in small, closely held corporations frequently overvalue their individual contributions while undervaluing the contributions of their business partner(s), which causes a breakdown in communication and, ultimately, can lead to legal disputes. Failure to understand and articulate goals and job responsibilities in advance is often the trigger for an eventual dispute leading to litigation and ultimately, dissolution of a partnership or closely held corporation.

The Jackson Law Firm’s experienced commercial litigation lawyers are skilled at resolving legal conflicts through settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and trial. Contact our law firm by phone at 713.574.5181 or e-mail to schedule a consultation regarding your partnership or shareholder dispute.

Our Houston Attorneys are Available to Discuss Your Partnership, Shareholder Dispute or Minority Shareholder Oppression Issues

Call or e-mail The Jackson Law Firm to discuss your partnership or shareholder dispute with an experienced Houston commercial litigation attorney.

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