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Helotes, Texas may get additional land from San Antonio

On Behalf of | May 22, 2013 | Commercial Real Estate

The success of commercial real estate has a lot to do with space, location, and even territory. Small towns can face challenges that larger cities don’t often have to deal with, such as residential and commercial growth and expansion. Whether or not a city is able to support new industry can make the difference between a thriving economy and stagnating commerce. Additionally, smaller towns might face real estate disputes that are different from those that bigger cities are used to.

The Texas city of Helotes has been in negotiations with San Antonio about a land deal that would give Helotes more territory. For years, San Antonio and Helotes leaders have discussed the possibility of the smaller town gaining 6.7 square miles to allow Helotes to grow. San Antonio had originally offered Helotes a smaller piece, but the mayor of Helotes rejected it, requesting more land in order to achieve the town’s eventual economic goals.

Texas Representative Lyle Larson sponsored a bill that would allow smaller cities to take advantage of Extra Territorial Jurisdiction to gain additional land without San Antonio’s consent. Both cities decided to negotiate a deal that would avoid legislation and real estate disputes. The additional territory Helotes stands to gain could give them the potential to grow over the next 10 to 20 years.

New construction and growth are essential to allow cities of every size to attract businesses and residents. Therefore, it makes sense that even smaller towns like Helotes should be allowed the opportunity to expand their real estate and give them the opportunity to prosper.

Source: Texas Public Radio, “Helotes-San Antonio Land Dispute Coming To A Resolution,” Ryan Loyd, May 3, 2013


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