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Company sued for wrongful termination by Harris County resident

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2013 | Employment Litigation

When an employee does not agree with the actions taken by an employer, that employee could file a lawsuit claiming that they have been discriminated against in some way. Employment litigation is a common problem that many companies in Houston and Harris County face and often, they are forced to prove that an employee’s claims of sexual harassment or illegal treatment are untrue.

A company is being sued for wrongful termination by a Harris County woman. The woman claims that she was replaced by a male worker and another full-time employee but does not say whether that second employee is a woman. The claim stems from the fact that she was terminated while on maternity leave but it is unknown the exact reasons given for her dismissal.

The woman claims the firing was over the fact that she was pregnant and had given birth. She alleges that her supervisor discriminated against her after learning she was expecting, denying her opportunities to develop her skills and keeping her from employee training. She also states that other employees did not have to provide doctors’ notes for sick leave while she was required to. She says in her petition that she was berated and admonished in front of other employees before taking her maternity leave. It is unknown what the company’s response to the lawsuit is.

A company may be able to fire a worker for poor performance or other issues and some employees may try to turn these reasons into a form of discrimination, accusing the company of wrongful discharge. When companies face such accusations it may be in their best interest to meet with an experienced attorney for legal advice.

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