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Lawsuit alleges fraud, loss of millions for Texas baseball team

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2013 | Contract Disputes

In the business world, contract disputes are much more than just petty arguments over poorly drafted contracts. They are often multi-faceted disagreements that arise over the different interpretation of sound legal documents including franchise agreements, service agreements, development contracts, non-compete agreements and business purchase agreements. Differing opinions over contracts such as these can ultimately lead to the need for contract litigation.

Misrepresentation, conspiracy and breach of contract are the basis for a lawsuit filed by the owner of the Houston Astros. He alleges that the previous owner of the team knowingly provided false information about the subscription fees for regional television coverage of the team. He claims that the team has already lost millions of dollars–possibly hundreds of millions–as a result of the fraud, and that the team will continue to lose money well into the future. The previous owner of the baseball franchise denies any wrongdoing and argues that there is plenty of documentation to prove as much. It is unknown when the case will go to trial.

When contract issues arise, it is important to be proactive and take immediate action to mitigate the cost of the dispute. Business owners are encouraged to seek advice from an attorney that specializes in commercial law. After reviewing the facts of the case and the supporting documentation, an attorney can help you understand how the court might interpret the contracts and recommend the best course of action to recover damages and prevent future losses based on the unique circumstances of the case.

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