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Employment litigation over Walmart’s disciplinary actions

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2014 | Employment Litigation

Companies in Houston rely on their employees for success. However, companies are often in a position where they face challenges from unhappy workers. These challenges can come when employees feel that their employment contract has not been fulfilled or when accusations are made against the company concerning discrimination or retaliation. When attempts at a compromise are futile, the company may find itself embroiled in employment litigation.

An administrative legislation judge is being asked to determine whether Walmart overstepped the law in its treatment of around 60 workers who held legal demonstrations against the company throughout the country. Walmart says that it was within its rights to take such action while the National Labor Relations Board claims the retailer was not.

Walmart is being accused of threatening, punishing and firing people. If the judge rules in favor of the NLRB, Walmart may have to reinstate fired workers, pay extra pay and take other action. The demonstrations engaged in by workers were over environments that not safe to work in and low wages. It is unclear how the NLRB ended up getting involved.

When companies have been accused of violating employment regulations, they can find themselves in a difficult situation. Companies found guilty may have unfair fines imposed upon them, endure public attention that is detrimental to their business and pay other penalties. It may be of great benefit for them to seek help in such employment matters from an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable in employment laws. An attorney would be able to inform them of their options and provide legal counsel on how to proceed.

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