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Texas employer facing litigation due to alleged discrimination

There are many cases that will prompt an employee to allege discrimination. Houston companies typically have policies in place that prevent wrongdoing in the form of harassment or wrongful termination. Despite a business' best efforts, there are times in which a worker can bring a lawsuit based on something a manager said or the way he or he was let go from the company. In those instances, it is important for the organization to present information supporting its actions.

Lawsuit: Texas worker gave confidential information to competitor

A company puts a number of measures in place in order to protect its assets. Insurance policies and an employee handbook, for example, are recommended for many Houston businesses. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, some organizations still fall victim to cases involving the theft of trade secrets, which can be particularly damaging to business. One Texas company is now pursuing litigation against an employee who allegedly gave away confidential information to a competitor.

Woman: Pregnancy sparked Texas-based company's discrimination

When a woman becomes pregnant, she faces a number of restrictions. There are certain items she cannot eat and certain activities she needs to avoid. Carrying a child can have repercussions in a Texas workplace as far as changing a woman's ability to perform her job to the fullest. The way a company handles these situations is imperative, as a misstep could lead to the woman claiming employment discrimination. A recent case reminds us that these claims can turn into full-blown court cases.

Houston's booming industrial market attracts buyers

Business owners interested in physically expanding or otherwise growing their company often turn to shopping for real estate. A new building means more space for inventory or offices. It can even be an investment to attract new clients. Thanks to a booming industrial market in Houston, commercial real estate in the city is becoming a commodity.

Contract dispute embattles Texas freelancer

Many people work as freelance contractors, especially when it comes to creative work. With emerging technologies and the need for subject-matter experts, many Houston businesses turn to individuals who can work on a short-term or project basis. If one party does not hold up their end of the bargain, it can result in complicated contract litigation, as one Texas man is now realizing.

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