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Alleged gender discrimination at Texas college sparks lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 27, 2014 | Employment Litigation

The passing of Title IX did much to advance women in the workplace and other areas. There are still widespread issues for Texas women and others around the country when it comes to gender equality. There are several things a company can do in order to avoid claims of employment discrimination. Straying from regulations may result in a costly suit, as a recent incident illustrates.

A local college is at the receiving end of a lawsuit brought by three former employees who had started a separate consulting business. Their terminations, according to the complaint, were sparked by a conflict of interest, though the women state that the company was not in competition with the college.

The women claim their firings were due to gender discrimination. While still employed, one of the women brought sexual harassment charges against a superior in early November. According to the suit, the man intended to retaliate, and the woman was terminated at the end of the month. Two other women who worked in admissions claim that they were not promoted and instead watched as individuals who were not as qualified received the bump. One of those underqualified individuals was a male who also worked at the women’s side company, and the man was not fired for the alleged conflict of interest.

In this particular instance, the women are seeking compensation that includes both back and front pay. A company is best-served by finding legal representation to dispute such claims and protect valuable assets. Suits such as these can damage a business’ reputation, and an attorney can help mitigate the risks involved.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, “Fortis College sued after admissions employees claim discrimination,” Annie Cosby, May 16, 2014 


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