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Texas-based Buc-ee’s files trademark infringement lawsuit against Frio Beaver

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2014 | Business Litigation

Consumers in Texas and the rest of the country often develop strong attachments to their favorite retail stores and establishments. For this reason, the logos and symbols that represent these companies are some of their most valuable assets, and they may even take it upon themselves to keep other companies from infringing upon their rights. Sometimes, these disputes lead to business litigation.

When Buc-ee’s opened a new convenience store in Texas City, 60,000 of its loyal fans lined up for the grand opening. Fans of the local chain have come to associate the store with its logo, which features a beaver mascot with a yellow background.

Now Buc-ee’s officials say that its signature logo has been copied by Frio Beaver, a competitor that recently opened a pizza shop and store in Concan. Frio Beaver’s new logo also features a beaver with a yellow background, and as a result Buc-ee’s has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against its rival.

Frio Beaver’s attorneys, however, say that the lawsuit has not yet been served to them. Because Frio Beaver is new to the area, it is possible that the company was unaware of Buc-ee’s similar-looking logo before they created theirs. It is unknown whether Frio Beaver has plans to open more locations in Texas.

Although trademark laws protect businesses’ intellectual property, the company itself is often responsible for taking action against companies that are copying its logo, name, or symbol. Texas business owners may want to talk to an attorney about how they can protect what is rightfully theirs.

Source: Houston Business Journal, “Buc-ee’s angry over Frio Beaver logo, files lawsuit,” Josh Cain, July 17, 2014


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