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Couple is over $25,000 in the hole after contractors bail

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2015 | Contract Disputes

A breach of contract can happen in any business arrangement, which is a rather unfortunate reality that many people have to face. This includes agreements between a customer and a business, which is usually the case when people hire home renovators who are working on a contractual basis.

For example, one couple from Galveston is now involved in a contracting dispute in which they sued a general contractor over a case of home remodeling. They have claimed that both miscommunication and negligence are the fuel behind this suit, including negligent misrepresentation. The couple reportedly paid over $25,000 for a home remodeling job that was never finished. When they attempted to contact Demus L. Westmoreland of Galveston to work out the issue, he allegedly did not appear for any of the meetings.

In addition to that, the couple claimed to have been billed an extra $7,800 for materials that were not used at their property location. This led to further questions and irritation on the part of the home owners. Galveston General Contractors were hired to complete the project in six weeks, which is where the negligent misrepresentation comes into play. The couple is seeking $25,849 in reimbursement alongside the expenses and costs for taking the case to court, as well as attorney fees. They have claimed extra utility costs and the loss of use of their home in the meantime.

Contract breaches like this can make life difficult for the people who are affected by it. Anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation may wish to contact an attorney, who may be able to help get back some of the money lost in a bad contract.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Couple accuses contractor of breach of contract,” Carol Ostrow, Feb 19, 2015


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