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Different types of probate litigation issues you may face

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2015 | Business Torts

Probate litigation can be a tricky field for you to traverse by yourself. There are many unusual troubles that crop up surrounding probate litigation. We at The Jackson Law Firm aim to help you find your way by providing you with useful information.

You may be experiencing any number of different issues that can arise in the field of probate litigation. These issues can involve debt collection, ERISA benefit discrepancies, fiduciary misconduct, will contests and more. These are areas of the law in which you may find yourself struggling due to the unique aspects of it, or because probate litigation is not an often talked-about area of law.

If you are dealing with estate or trust litigation, there are a number of problems that you may face. You may be having trouble recovering estate or trust assets, or collecting debts from estates or trusts. You could end up struggling to fend off any claims that have been levied against estates or trusts. You may have will and trust contests, or you might require help constructing a will and trust. Fiduciary removal or misconduct, or accounting actions can also be hurdles to you. Regardless of what your particular problem may be, the struggle could affect you and you could find yourself in need of legal aid.

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