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Slander of title

If someone makes or publishes a false statement about commercial real estate that your business is trying to sell, it could affect your property’s value and cost you the success of the transaction. According to Texas law, this malicious act is known as slander of title. At the Jackson Law Firm, we understand that the result of slander can cause devastating loss for your business, and being able to rectify the damage of the false claim and recoup the financial loss can be critical to your company’s future.

Former analyst claims wrongful termination, sues Fox Sports

There are state and federal laws in place, which prohibit employers in Texas, and elsewhere, from firing workers for certain reasons, including their race, religious beliefs or sex. Even in cases when employers act in accordance with the law, some terminated employees may feel that they were let go without proper cause. As such, they may choose to take legal action, which could be costly and disruptive to business.

The role of severance pay in an employment contract

When a company in Houston, Texas is offering an executive compensation package, severance is one aspect that is often included. It is not required, and according to the Texas Workforce Commission, severance pay is only enforceable when it is part of a written wage agreement. Earned wages, vacation time and sick leave do not count as severance pay because they are part of what the employee has already earned.

What are deceptive trade practices?

Like other business owners or marketers in Texas, you may make grand assertions about the effectiveness of your produce or the quality of your services. While this is not generally a problem, business disputes may arise if you are overly deceptive in your claims. As a result of false advertising, you could face drawn out business litigation, which may adversely affect your bottom line.

Appropriate times to withhold payment from a subcontractor

It’s always in a company’s best interests to adhere to the terms of a contract, especially when it comes to payment. Failure to pay someone for the work or service they do can result in business litigation. This can include Houston business owners who don’t pay fair wages to their employees and subcontractors. It also pertains to the payment terms outlined in a contract between a business and a subcontractor company.

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