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Is Houston really free of zoning laws?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2015 | Commercial Real Estate

If you are a commercial real estate developer in Houston, Texas, you may find that the city provides many unique business opportunities. One thing you may find appealing is the city’s lack of zoning laws. However, according to the Houston Chronicle, the lack of specific zoning laws may not lead to the freedom that you might expect.

Rather than official zoning laws, the city has regulations that are very similar. These are not consistent, though, and the end result is a system that does not provide equal benefits for all of Houston’s residents and businesses. For example, you may discover that many neighborhoods are subject to deed restrictions, which are set by developers so that a commercial property cannot be set up in the middle of the residential community.

In addition to community-specific ordinances, zoning requirements in Houston are similar to any other major city in the United States when it comes to airports because these are subject to federal regulations. You will find that this encompasses a noteworthy portion of the city, though. According to Fly2Houston, the city airport system’s publication, Houston is one of the largest airport hubs in the world, and includes Intercontinental, Hobby and Ellington airports, among others.

Ultimately, the neighborhoods surrounding the property you wish to purchase or develop may have more impact on its use than a zoning law would have in another city. The implications are vague, and you may benefit from more research to ensure that the lack of a clear law will not land your company in court against those who live in the community. This information about zoning laws is for educational use only.


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