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What must be included in a consulting contract

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2016 | Contract Disputes

For many Houston consultants, starting their own firm can be a thrilling and potentially lucrative undertaking. To this end, developing a solid consulting contract is a must to ensure clients are well-aware of the terms of an agreement. Here at The Jackson Law Firm, we’ve seen the fallout that can arise from inadequately structured consulting contracts. That’s why we recommend a thoughtful approach when devising these contracts, which can help protect against future lawsuits.

Entrepreneur offers a few tips on what must be included in a consulting contract. For instance, project timelines are particularly important to prevent misunderstandings between client and consultant. While the dates a project will begin and end are obviously essential, contracts should also include deadlines for all important milestones.

When it comes to responsibilities associated with a project, consultants should make a detailed listing of those tasks that are to be fulfilled. A checklist of responsibilities is helpful in this case, as it can help keep the consultant on task while also ensuring the client is fully aware of when pertinent items are due to be completed. Consultants can also include overall project objectives and goals, including clear language on how to determine when a project has reached completion.

Of course, all consultants want to be compensated for the hard work they put in, which means a contract should also feature a fee structure and total payment amount. Most importantly, a contract must include practical items, like the names and titles of all involved parties, as well as page numbers to make sure contracts stay intact during the review and signing process. Feel free to visit our website for more information on common contractual issues.


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