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What should I include in a non-disclosure agreement?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Contract Disputes

The sharing of sensitive information can be a necessary task for many business owners in Houston. To this end, having a reliable non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place is essential for keeping the flow of your business moving without jeopardizing future success. But what must go into an agreement to ensure it offers the right level of protection?

According to Forbes, there are several elements that must be included within your agreement to guarantee that coverage is comprehensive. For instance, an agreement should spell out the duration explicitly to make certain the person you are providing information to is well-aware of the length of their commitment. NDAs should also include language regarding what information is actually considered confidential. This will prevent confusion on behalf of the other party entering into the agreement.

An NDA must also capably identify all involved parties, and this section typically appears at the beginning of a document. The disclosing party is the person conveying confidential information, while the recipient is the party who is in receipt of the information being conveyed. If there are any other people involved, they should also be named within the NDA.

It’s also recommended that you consider which situations warrant an NDA. If you are working with a possible buyer on an invention or product and wish to present your creation, having an NDA in place is vital. NDAs are also recommended when your employees are privy to sensitive information in order to accomplish necessary work tasks. In some cases an NDA is not recommended, such as when new business owners are attempting to gain funding from investors.



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