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Understanding the elements of tortious interference

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2017 | Business Torts

Intentionally interfering with relationships and/or contracts and causing someone to suffer economic damages is referred to as tortious interference. This misconduct is often seen in the business world and typically sparks a dispute between companies and clients; sellers and buyers; or employers and employees.

One such case was recently filed in another state, and it serves as one type of scenario involving possible misconduct and tortious interference. The woman who filed the claim says she lost two employment opportunities when her former employer interfered with her contractual relationships.

The case argues that she was fired and then the defendants refused to submit information requested as part of the woman’s credentialing. Because of this failure, she was denied employment and suffered emotional and financial damages. The woman is requesting a jury trial and damages.

This is just one example of tortious interference. Other examples could include blackmailing someone so that he or she will violate a confidentiality agreement, or trying to put a company out of business by refusing to provide promised services, preventing it from fulfilling its own obligations.

What all of these examples have in common are the elements of tortious interference. These include:

  • Knowing that a relationship or contract exists
  • Interfering with that relationship or contract
  • Doing so intentionally and with improper motives
  • Causing a person to suffer damages as a result of that interference

If you believe that you have lost opportunities due to tortious inference or if you feel you were forced to break a contract by another party, it can be critical that you consult an attorney familiar with these claims.

Business torts are typically complex claims with significant remedies at stake, so it is a good idea to utilize all the resources available. With legal support and guidance, victims of tortious interference can seek the compensation and justice they deserve.


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