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Fyre Festival goes up in flames; contract breach lawsuits follow

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Contract Disputes

Concerts and other events can be massive undertakings. From securing a venue and paying acts, to hiring staff and ensuring attendees have the desired experience, there is a lot that goes into these events. There is also a lot at stake, including reputations and money.

Should problems arise involving such events, lawsuits can be expected. For instance, several lawsuits have recently been filed against the organizers of the 2016 Fyre Festival which was widely considered to be a massive failure.

Many of the lawsuits filed cite breach of contract. In one such lawsuit, an event services and staffing company sued the organizers of the event, claiming they failed to get proper insurance, secure emergency medical services, and pay third-party vendors.

Concertgoers also filed lawsuits claiming breach of contract in response to the organizers’ threats of legal action against those who spoke negatively about the event on social media. According to the claim, individuals were sent cease and desist letters after criticizing the festival on sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Additionally, a class action was filed by attendees of the festival, some of whom spent $2,000 for a single ticket, who were promised chef-prepared meals, luxurious accommodations and top-tier performances. Instead, the attendees arrived to find “bare rations,” inadequate shelter, and none of the luxury accommodations that were promised. 

Breach of contract claims can arise from a variety of sources, and can stem from different actions. Depending on how these particular claims are resolved, the aforementioned lawsuits could be very costly for the Fyre Festival organizers.

Whenever you enter a contractual agreement with someone, it is critical that you understand the terms of the agreement. Failure of either party to fulfill its obligations can lead to aggressive legal action. To avoid and/or address possible contractual liability, consult with an attorney.


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