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How to invest in commercial real estate in 2018

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2017 | Commercial Real Estate

Texas residents that are looking to invest in commercial real estate may be interested in learning about the trends for 2018. Several ideas were discussed relating to industry trends at the 2017 REALTORS® Conference & Expo that recently took place. For instance, the media may be talking up the fact that companies are buying office space in cities again. However, that may generally be restricted to large companies that should never have left in the first place.

Investors also should be wary of the effects of any tax cut coming from the White House. This is because even economists have a difficult time predicting for sure what they will do for the economy in the long run. Those who are looking to invest in trophy properties should be ready for a drop in 2018. Investors may be heartened to know that the correction will be relatively small compared to recent gains.

The overall forecast for the commercial sector is positive. Interest rates may play a role in the health of the commercial sector in 2018 and beyond. While retail has undergone an evolution as malls become less popular, there actually were more store openings than closings in 2017. That may cause rents to rise, which may result in an opportunity for investors in that sector.

Those who wish to invest in commercial leases or other opportunities may benefit from performing thorough research beforehand. Consulting with an attorney may also be beneficial as he or she may be able to help resolve disputes related to zoning or other issues. This may prevent an investor from being saddled with taxes or other debts on a property. Financial advisers and real estate agents also may help an investor increase the odds of obtaining a profitable deal.


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