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CRE investment mistakes

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Commercial Real Estate

Texas investors who are interested in investing in the commercial real estate market should understand how difficult it can be. Regardless of what type of investment property they focus on, there are certain mistakes that they should make sure to avoid.

Making purchasing decisions without having all of the pertinent information at their disposal can result in costly missteps. Making informed decisions requires the careful consideration of the investment potential of a property, rental rates, expected grow and replacement costs. Significant thought also needs to be given to existing and future competition. Valuable assistance may be obtained from professional market managers who have the experience, intuition and market know-how to sift through properties and locate ideal investments.

Another mistake that commercial real estate investors should avoid is not making adequate use of their time and money. It can be difficult for investors to efficiently handle the number administrative tasks that comes with investing, including balancing budgets and problem-solving, while having to locate and manage properties. Investors will have to decide early on whether hiring property managers with the appropriate skills and knowledge is worthwhile. Investors who lack the specialized knowledge need to conduct tasks like collection rent or processing evictions can make many mistakes.

While forming partnerships can lead to more profitable investments, investors should take care to avoid conflicts within the partnership that can affect their investment. Creating a legal contract that details business plans for properties and all other aspects of their business can provide protection for all partners.

An attorney who practices real estate law may work to protect the rights of clients who invest in commercial real estate. Legal counsel may be provided regarding franchising, contract negotiation or different types of real estate transactions.


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