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UFC flyweight fighter being sued by ex-manager

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Contract Disputes

A former UFC flyweight title challenger is currently being sued by his ex-manager for fraud and breach of contract. The lawsuit claims that the management firm arranged a five-fight deal for the fighter with the UFC but only received compensation for one fight. A major contest that was planned to take place in Texas this year has been rescheduled for UFC Fight Night 129 in Santiago, Chile.

The crux of the ex-managers lawsuit against the UFC fighter is a stated violation of the Fighter Management Agreement and Covenant Not to Compete. The flyweight allegedly broke these terms by switching to a nearby gym. According to written statements, the action caused the original management company “irreparable injury and financial harm.” They are seeking incidental, actual, and punitive damages. The lawsuit was confirmed in February with the Bernalillo County Second Judicial District Court in New Mexico.

In a statement to the press, the lawyer for the UFC fighter claimed that the ex-manager is merely trying to capitalize on the flyweight’s recent successes. The attorney also stated that the ex-managers stake on the fighter’s in-cage earning and bonuses is not contractually valid. In addition to the lawsuit, the UFC star is also facing difficult personal circumstances that have kept him out of the octagon.

Contract disputes often involve a lot of complex language and detailed knowledge of tort law. Even business contracts that don’t involve major sports celebrities or significant sums of money can require special attention. Both parties may benefit from being represented by counsel in order to protect their rights and financial interests during every aspect of a case, including litigation, mediation or arbitration.

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