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Cardi B files countersuit for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2018 | Contract Disputes

Music fans in Texas may be interested to learn that Klenord Raphael, the manager/producer also known as Shaft, has filed a lawsuit against artist Cardi B. The suit alleges that he has not been properly compensated for his role in her ascension as a rap artist. In the documents filed, Raphael claims that he played a major role in ‘conceiving, arranging and orchestrating” her successful career.

In 2015, he claims that he discovered her and shaped her career’s trajectory in the business. In a recent interview, one of his representatives discussed how he took her from influencer status to a legitimate rap artist. He stated that he played a larger role in her evolution and isn’t pleased with her attempts to phase him out of her career. The manager further claims that she has defamed him on multiple occasions.

In a contract with WorldStar Marketing Group, Cardi B agreed to paying 20 percent of her income to the agency. The deal was for a one-year term and carried the option of four extensions. The contract dispute stems from Cardi B’s assertion that the agreement was terminated, and the agreement was nixed because Raphael had breached it. Cardi B asserts that fraudulent conduct and falling short on fiduciary obligations played a significant role in terminating the agreement. A written notice was issued as required, and the agreement was ended as prescribed in its terms. Cardi B is also pursuing damages due to several side deals that were arranged by Shaft where she believes she wasn’t properly compensated.

Contract litigation and disputes are common across multiple industries. In Houston, any breach of contract matter or contract litigation issue could be addressed by a business and commercial lawyer. Ideally, attorney involvement at the very beginning stages can prevent such claims and further disputes in the long run.


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