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Resolving construction disputes with technological evidence

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Contract Disputes

BIM, or building information modeling, can be an important part of the construction process for builders in Texas. It can also be an important part of dispute resolution after a project has been completed. Contract disputes in the construction industry concern an average value of $21 million each, and these disputes take an average of 14 months to resolve. For active businesses, these costly and lengthy disputes can be important but also divert attention from central concerns, so minimizing the cost and duration of a construction dispute can be a key goal.

Two of the most common reasons for construction disputes are errors and omissions as well as unsubstantiated claims, and BIM can be helpful in resolving both. Contractors use BIM to generate ongoing 3D images of a project throughout the stages of its development and life; the process can be used collaboratively by owners, developers, builders, architects and others involved in the project. It has grown in popularity along with the improvements in technology that make it possible and has been responsible for reducing construction costs by coordinating the management of a project.

During a contract dispute, BIM can allow attorneys and those they represent to take a look back at the project during all stages of work. It can help to show that the scope of work did or did not match the final result produced. As a result, it can help businesses to either show that errors and omissions were made or defend against such a claim.

Construction disputes can cast an expensive cloud over an important project. Contracts are so important because they define exactly what is to be accomplished, and a breach of contract can be significantly damaging. A business and commercial attorney can help contractors who have suffered losses as a result of a contract breach to pursue compensation.


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